The force now known as Seekae came together in 2006, when primary school alumni Alex Cameron and George Nicholas, then fresh out of high school, met again after eight years by chance. Alex introduced George to his then-bandmate John Hassell, and the three, who had all been conducting bedroom experiments with electronic music, decided to start making noise together.

For the next two years, the trio, first as Commander Keen and then as Seekae, honed their sound, fusing elements of IDM, hip-hop, indie pop and ambient post-rock into an entirely original brand of organic electronica the three dubbed, only half-jokingly, as ‘ghetto ambient’. At the same time, the band set about finding ways to bring their downbeat electronica alive on stage — to translate midi signals and digital bits into something compelling and alive. It didn’t take long. Soon, word spread through Sydney and beyond of Seekae’s wholly intoxicating, unpredictable live show, a mix of live instrumentation and pre-programmed electronics that makes use of everything from drum machines, synthesizers and samplers to melodicas, guitars, drums and glockenspiels.