MMIGRANT UNION have today announced the Australian release of their second full-length album, Anyway, out independently on May 29.

It was the summer of 2004 when Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols was killing some time in Australia and had a chance meeting with Melbourne musician Bob Harrow. This initial exchange led to a spontaneous trip to the regional Victoria and an all-night jam session. The friendship grew. They acquired the talented vocalist and keyboard player, Peter Lubulwa, and the band quickly planted its roots in alt-country-folk, bound by a communal love for classic rock and roll.

Countless shows & festivals later, Immigrant Union have now supported Noel Gallagher, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dead Meadow and toured their own headline shows across the whole of Australia & the US. Known for having a consistent gift of delivering a good time…allllll the time… the band have naturally progressed into the next chapter of their story: realising their second album, and keeping their eyes fixed on the local and international touring circuit.