Go Violets are an accidental all-star, all-girl band; after a rotating cast of boy drummers Phoebe and Alice decided to enlist the help of their friends Christiana (bass) and Ruby (drums). The alchemic combination of the four girls lead to them quickly banging out jangly chords and Ramonesy-like rhythms in a cramped shed in Brisbane. When Christiana left for the UK, Harriette (Babaganouj) took the bass seamlessly in her place.

Go Violets established themselves in the live music scene before going into the studio to lay out their first singles. The collection of three songs (recorded by Cameron Smith) launched Go Violets into the local and national radio. Their first single Runner was a hit on 4ZZZ’s 2012 Hot 100 and was included in FBi Radio’s Best Australian Songs of 2012 Compilation.

The quartet will make a big bang in the music scene with their debut EP to be released in late 2013. New track ‘Josie’ is the second single from the upcoming release. Recorded and produced by Sean Cook, ‘Josie’ takes Go Violets in a new direction, expanding their sound to encompass a darker mood. The wry, distorted guitars, thumping rhythm, and ballad-like vocals carry any kind of melancholy away fast and hard.

UNEARTHED: triplejunearthed.com.au/GoViolets
BANDCAMP: gogoviolets.bandcamp.com/
TWITTER: twitter.com/GoViolets
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/goviolets