Back in 2008, a bunch of people went to try their luck at university. We lacked the skills to pursue law or medicine or engineering. We were the fools who still believed in rocking and rolling and easing the pain, and this is where Ball Park Music began.

A university is a pretty bad place to start a band. We didn’t realise it could be the real deal. We just mucked around and started doing some gigs.

Before we knew it we were wearing those ridiculous graduation hats and realised that we had arrived at the future. It was daunting to think all your learning has come to a stop and you’re really expected to DO something. We have decided to become ‘musicians’, but with a capital ‘M’. Like this: Musicians.

We released our debut album ‘Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs’ in 2011 and its success was very humbling. It made the ARIA charts and sold well. You guys said nice things and voted it as one of the top ten listener favourites of the year on Triple J. The good peeps at Triple J also gave us a cool trophy for being the best Unearthed act of the year. Then the Australians voted for us and we done good in the Triple J Hottest 100. Great success.

We tour a lot. We used to support other cool bands so we could get a foot in the door, but now we get to play our own shows. It’s really great when everyone comes along and buys a Ball Park Music t-shirt and looks really handsome and/or pretty. Even the fugly people look cool and have fun at our concerts.

We like to sing about drinking and sex and driving up and down the coast with your mums and/or dads and seeing beautiful big rivers or maybe a house that makes you think of growing up.

People say our music is happy. I’m not sure if we set out to do exactly that, but we’re chuffed nevertheless. People from all walks of life have a tough time finding happiness, and if Ball Park Music provides any assistance then I guess being a Musician becomes worthwhile.

We’re building a new record from scratch. We love long days in the studio. We feel energetic and creative and we really like setting our new stories to a good collection of sounds. I remember just last night Dean said, “How good is sound?”. And he’s right, you know. We can spend hours fiddling with a drumkit or reversing a piano chord or trying to sing the words in a way that will turn your hearts to mush.

That brings me to ‘Surrender’. It’s the first new work we want to share. I remember piecing it together underneath the Astor Theatre in Perth while we were touring with Boy & Bear in 2011. The twins asked “Who sings that song?”, to which I replied, “We do”. We wanted to create something that paired the big beats of a song like ‘Alligator’ with the sentiment of something like ‘All I Want Is You’. We hope you like it. It’s just the first of many new ideas we’ve cracked open in the past couple of months.

It’s a pretty solid challenge to get by as a Musician in this day and age. Things change all the time, but we believe people still like to hear the right song at the right time. A song can grab you so hard and hold you so firm and twist your mood and make you remember that it’s a good life. It’s you people – our fans – that make this adventure worth the effort. We love you all and can’t wait see you next.

Love, Ball Park Music.

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