Sally Seltmann shares new single ‘Dancing In The Darkness’

sally seltmann

Sally Seltmann has premiered her new single ‘Dancing In The Darkness‘ via Fashion Journal today. The track will be released digitally through Sally’s own label Three Of Hearts on April 26.

Sally says of the single: “Dancing In the Darkness is my new single, and it’s an introspective hero song about honoring the beauty in your own madness. I wrote and recorded the song with Darren Seltmann specifically for the pilot for the TV show The Letdown.”

Dancing in the Darkness’ will feature in the pilot for the ABC TV show The Letdown. Created by Sarah Scheller with Alison Bell, and produced by Giant Dwarf (The Chaser’s War on Everything), The Letdown will also feature a full score by Darren and Sally Seltmann.

Listen to ‘Dancing In The Darkness‘ below.

Dancing In The Darkness’ will be released digitally through Sally’s label Three Of Hearts, and is available for pre-order NOW on iTunes.