October, 2015

THEE OH SEES Announce Australian Tour + Limited Edition Deluxe Vinyl


Flightless Records and Panache Touring are extremely excited to announce that Thee Oh Sees will be touring Australia in January, 2016. Not only that but to celebrate the tour announcement, there will also be a special Australian release of the group’s fourteenth studio album Mutilator Defeated At Last on limited edition deluxe vinyl.

Considered as one of the most influential, pioneering and exciting garage bands of the 2000s, Thee Oh Sees will return on the back of their fiercest record to date – Mutilator Defeated At Last – along with a brand new lineup consisting of John Dwyer (vocals, guitar), Timothy Hellman (bass) and double drummers, Ryan Moutinho and Dan Rincon. It’s the loudest, fastest and tightest Thee Oh Sees have ever sounded.

The band will embark on a massive nine-date Australian tour that will see them perform shows around the country this January. It will be their first visit back to our shores since 2013. See Thee Oh Sees in Brisbane at Crow Bar on January 8, Gold Coast at Shark Bar on January 9, Byron Bay at The Northern on January 10, Newcastle at The Small Ballroom on January 13, Sydney at Newtown Social Club on January 15, Wollongong at the Uni Bar on January 16, Geelong at the Barwon Club on January 16, Melbourne at Howler on January 19 and Fremantle at Mojo’s Bar on January 23. All tickets are on sale now, see below for details.

But before they arrive, November 20 will see their new album released for Australian fans for the very first time as a limited edition deluxe vinyl. The album is nine muscular tunes primed to pummel to. Previous album Drop was more schizophrenic, ranging from heavy to whimsical and back – but Mutilator Defeated At Last has more in common with the monolithic hugeness of Floating Coffin – with only two slight reprieves in heaviness this is a record made to be played loudly and that demands bodily sacrifice inherently.

Despite the plutonium heavy feel, Thee Oh Sees continue to be omnivorous – synths and acoustic guitars expertly wind their way throughout like veins of gold through granite – any and all that stands in its way will be devoured and assimilated. This is the sound of a band doing what they do best, and it’s available to pre-order now via Flightless / Remote Control Records.

MIKE WATERS Performs ‘Feels Like Home’ for Tram Sessions

Straight from a national single tour for ‘Feels Like Home’, Mike Waters was invited to play a special performance of the track on Melbourne’s #86 tram line from Collingwood to Docklands for Tram Sessions on a balmy Melbourne Spring night. Watch the performance below.

The session saw surprised evening commuters enjoy a pop-up performance from the buzzed singer/songwriter, who joins the likes of Josh Pyke, Vance Joy, Xavier Rudd, Remi, Tiny Little Houses, Husky who have all previously performed for the Tram Sessions project.

The session saw surprised evening commuters enjoy a pop-up performance from the buzzed singer/songwriter, who joins the likes of Josh Pyke, Vance Joy, Xavier Rudd, Remi, Tiny Little Houses, Husky who have all previously performed for the Tram Sessions project.

RSPCA Premiere The John Steel Singer’s New Video For ‘Weekend Lover’


RSPCA Queensland have exclusively premiered the new video from beloved Brisbanites The John Steel Singers for their latest track ‘Weekend Lover” – WATCH AND DONATE HERE

The ‘Weekend Lover’ video stars the band’s beloved four-legged besties, Harvey (the Golden Cocker Spaniel), Arrow (the Dachshund) and a cat named Boots. It was filmed over a few weekends at the homes of Luke and Tim, in a few different parks and streets, and at a Gold Coast beach.

Luke McDonald, the band’s guitarist explains, “The concept developed from a Homeward Bound or Milo and Otis-style story about two dogs running away from home and becoming travel companions. Classic buddy road trip to the beach. Huckleberry Finn with dogs.”

“It was a pretty tense set. The actors (Harvey and Arrow) where very demanding but sometimes you just have to deal with egos to get the performance you need. Our whole budget was spent on dog treats.”

“The biggest challenge we had was getting the dogs running together. Arrows legs were just to small to keep up with Harvey. The magic of the camera was able to fix that! During one filming session Harvey decided to change course and head towards a muddy swamp. Arrow then had to follow him in. I ran down into the mud trying not to get the camera wet, slipped over and attempt to stop the dogs but it was too late, they were covered. Production was shut down for a day.”

‘Weekend Lover’, with it’s classy sax solo, whirly synths, off-beat guitar clicks and catchy as hell falsetto chorus was first spun by Dom Alessio on triple j’s Home & Hosed. It’s the only taste we are yet to sample from the band’s long awaited third full-length Midnight At The Plutonium, due for release early in the new year via the band’s own label Plutonium Records and Create Control.

On the collaboration for the premiere with RSPCA, Luke said, “We really wanted to work with someone outside of the music world who does good things. And our dogs suggested we try something with the RSPCA… they also suggested (insisted) on being the stars of the clip, along with taking 25% of songwriting royalties from our entire recording output… needless to say we agreed on their terms. The other actor that took part “Boots” (my cat) was unaware of the dogs demands and only received five cat treats for her time. Please donate”

1200 TECHNIQUES Premiere New Video For ‘Flow Is Trouble’ Feat. GHOSTFACE KILLAH

Just a couple weeks back, Australian hip hop royalty 1200 Techniques (DJ Peril, MC N’fa and Kemstar), surprised us all by dropping a huge track featuring one other than Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan fame. Today, 1200′s have unleashed the track’s official video clip, as premiered by Pilerats.

‘Flow Is Trouble’ features on a special deluxe re-release of their latest EP Time Has Come available digitally and on a limited edition 7″ vinyl from October 16 via the band’s longtime label, Rubber Records. As first premiered on Lunch with Myf Warhurst on Double J, Flow Is Trouble is an iconically 1200-sounding dirty beat-filled jam, featuring guest verses from the New Yorker.

Time Has Come was the pioneering group’s first new music in over a decade, and the reissue will feature new tracks, plus remixes, re-worked tracks and two official music videos – making it a 13-piece special package.

To elaborate, in the band’s own words – or verse so to speak – this is how a pioneering Aussie 3-piece came to lay down a track with one of the world’s most respected rappers:

Last time Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang) was out here in Australia
Late December 2014 on his Australian Tour.
Peril’s mate Layton from the old school group Past to Present
Contacted Peril out of the blue and asked if he would be interested in recording with
Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang clan.
At first Peril thought he was playing with him,
But he said “No for real my cousin is looking after Ghostface while he’s here in Melbourne”
And Ghost was asking his cousin if he knew some cats that would be interested In recording.
And Layton thought Peril would be the right guy to ask.
Not knowing that Peril & 1200′s had already started recording again.
Peril asked “Dam man, how much is that going to set me back?”
thinking Ghost was way out of our price range.
Layton said make him an offer. So Peril made them an offer.
Here’s what we can can possibly afford and we went back-and-forth with the classic haggle.
Peril rang Kem & N’fa and said “We have a crazy opportunity here, are you guys down?”
To go equal 3rd’s in making this happen?
We gave the track yo Ghost to listen to, & said if he likes it we’ll go from there.
Jimo got back at Peril and said Ghost was feel in it, so we had the green light.
We got in the studio the very next day and got to it.
Of course is was C.O.D on the day.
It was a trip to have Ghost in Peril’s living room sitting on his couch,
writing bars while Chicho (Peril’s Dog) wanted to get some love from Ghost and jumped up on the couch beside Ghost.
Ghost was like, “Yo man whats up with your dog man, sort of looking scared of this cute Bigone Frise fluff ball”
Peril said, “I think he likes you and is a huge big Wu Tang fan.”
Ghost smiled and asked “Yo normally I don’t like those type of dogs but I like this one (meaning small breeds).”
He then asked what breed the Dog was, and took a real shine to Chicho and they were cool from there on.
The conversation then went from Peril’s pooch to the special custom made pistol grips,
Talk about one extreme to another.
We didn’t tell Ghost what to talk about on the track and what ever came out of his mouth is what we recorded,
Which was some classic Ghost East Coast talk in which he mention’s his classic album Fishscale in his verse and paints a Brooklyn day to day scenario.
It is what it is , which is some classic Ghostface Wu flavour.
But for real Ghost was very cool and down to earth.
And with we all said our good-bye’s.
And Ghost and his peeps hopped back in there black SUV and drove off
To the Tullamarine Airport to catch their flight.
That’s how it went down straight up and down.
We were all just chuffed to have been graced by one of our favourite
Wu-Tang legends period.
Much thanks to Ghost
Peace 1200′s.

LOON LAKE To Leave Fans With Last Album ‘Low Res’ - Out October 21

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 1.01.20 PM

As they make their way around the country on their Final Wave tour, Loon Lake have announced details of their last ever album. Introducing, Low Res – a collection of the band’s final recordings, put together over a year a fun, passionate and back-to-basics sessions. Low Res encapsulates 6-years of music for Loon Lake and it presents their biggest and most honest tracks to date. The album will be released independently on October 21.
“We all met at a pub in North Melbourne and we laid it all out on the table”, say Loon Lake’s frontman Sam Nolan. “We all decided that even though we knew we were probably not going to stay in the band for much longer, we wanted to do one more album. We wanted to do it our way and we made a pact that night. No over thinking, no synths, all recording must be live. We decided to go right back to the beginning and just have fun with it. Write songs purely by instinct. Somehow we had lost sight of it along the way.”

“We went about making an album without thinking. We booked our old engineer Robin Mae and our old studio Woodstock in Melbourne, and worked with Tony Buchen to mix the record. We produced it ourselves and recorded it slowly over several weekends, whenever we had time really, until we thought we were ready and had the songs we wanted, if it took longer, it took longer. And the songs just came out of no where. It was the best fun and most productive and positive we had been as a band in 4 or 5 years.”

“We were working on Low Res long before we decided we were going to finish up as a band. So it’s not some throw away marketing idea to sell tickets for the tour. For us. it’s about showing our fans that we are a real and no bullshit band. It’s about being able to look back and be proud of something and we feel that this album really sums us up.”

Loon Lake have decided to let fans pay what they want for the album – they’re encouraging people to rip it, copy it, sell it, share it. It will drop into the inboxes of those who bought tickets to the Final Wave tour for free on October 21. “We just want people to hear it. It’s our way of saying thanks to all the fans for such great support.

Having already played sold out shows in Perth and Adelaide, the Final Wave tour will take Loon Lake The Cambridge in Newcastle on October 30, Newtown Social Club in Sydney on October 31, The Brightside in Brisbane on November 6, Sol Bar on the Sunshine Coast on November 7, and finishing at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne on November 12 and 14. Don’t miss out.

JAMIE XX sells out second Melbourne headline show!


Last week, Jamie xx sold out his biggest ever Australian headline show in under 5 minutes. The Melbourne show, set for January 10 at the Forum Theatre, left fans wanting more. And he has delivered.

Jamie xx today announces an unplanned second show also at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne for January 6.

Jamie xx spoke live with triple j last week about the upcoming Australian tour, which will also see him play the Beyond The Valley (Victoria), Lost Paradise (New South Wales) and FOMO (Queensland) festivals on the back of his critically-lauded debut album In Colour – listen to the interview HERE.

Jamie xx finds himself at the forefront of a progressive, boundary-pushing group of producers (drawing comparisons to Four Tet, Nosaj Thing and Nicolas Jaar) that are paving the way for dance music in the 21st century.

GHOSTFACE KILLAH Joins 1200 TECHNIQUES On New Track, EP Reissue & 7″ Announced

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 2.05.41 pm

Earlier in the year, Australian hip-hop royalty 1200 Techniques (DJ Peril, MC N’fa and Kemstar), released their first music in over a decade. The Time Has Come EP landed in January via the band’s longtime label, Rubber Records.

And now, news has dropped of a special deluxe re-release of the EP available digitally and on a limited edition 7″ vinyl on October 16. The reissue features a brand new and very special single, plus remixes, re-worked tracks and two official music videos – making it a 13-piece special package.

In comes Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan fame, and ‘Flow Is Trouble’ is born. As first heard on Lunch with Myf Warhurst on Double J, the iconically 1200-sounding dirty beat-filled jam, featuring guest verses from the New Yorker. You can hear ‘Flow Is Trouble’ on your airwaves, streaming services and ITunes from Friday 2 October. Or take a listen and share below: